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December 13, 2012
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Sophie  comission by AlexPascenko Sophie  comission by AlexPascenko
comission for [link]


Quote: “My name is Zvezdochka. When your superiors ask you about this Mr. Bukowski, and they will. I want you to tell them that you got your entire detachment massacred by a twenty year old, five foot three, one hundred and twenty five pound girl named Starlet. And that it happened because you couldn’t stop yourself from ******* and ********* one girl who challenged your authority.”

- Sophie McGillicuddy

Renegades of Destiny BK II - Tears Of The Earth

Sophie was born as Matilda Josephina Genevieve in the year 2349 to then, congress woman Ellena Genevieve. By 2361, Ellena Genevieve had become the last true president of the Martian colonies. It was in that year that the final battle against Earth was waged. On that day, Feb. the 20th, 2361, Mars fell to the Earth.

Matti Jo Genevieve was taken as a hostage shortly before her mother’s ship was destroyed by the elite force known only as the Raptors. Her captors names were William (Kidon) Noventa and Norah (Archangel) Epstein. Once on their ship (the Raptor’s Wrath), Matti Jo was brought before Toshiro Matsumoto- Vice President of the Martian Independent Confederacy.

There Matti learned that her mother had been betrayed by her administration so that they and their way of life could continue under that of the Earth and Emperor De’Salazar. Toshiro Matsumoto was the new president of the Martian Provisional Government; which now, was little more than a puppet administration.

After that day, the question of what happened to Matti Jo Genevieve would be asked by a thousand tongues. On that day, Matti Jo Genevieve ceased to be and Sophie McGillicuddy was born. It was on that day, that Sophie swore, that she would have blood for blood for that which had been taken form her!

For the next four years, Sophie was made little more than De’Salazar’s play thing. However, as with all things, everything eventually comes to an end. After De’Salazar’s death and his son Guy Tsoongrenada De’Salazar's ascension to his seat of power, William Noventa is given dispensation to right that which was wronged four years ago. He goes, he takes Sophie and he brings her back to the Raptor’s Wrath. There, Noventa and his love, Norah Epstein help Sophie to try and recover her lost humanity.

Though they are her abductors, both Bill Noventa and Norah Epstein become surrogate parents to the young Sophie. They form an unbreakable bond with her. Thereafter, Sophie enters the academy and becomes a member of the OSI, the same as Bill and Norah. In so doing, Sophie becomes one of the deathliest assassins the Earth has ever known. She does this, in exchange for her very freedom from it, which above and beyond all else, is all that she truly desires.

Follow Sophie, Noventa and Epstein in Renegades of Destiny Book II – Tears of the Earth. Coming December 2014.
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