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September 5, 2012
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TRI concept sheet final by AlexPascenko TRI concept sheet final by AlexPascenko

In a far distant future our planet has run dry on energy and humans have begun sending investigation drones to all reachable edges of space. After years of research, they discover an earth-like planet with an extremely high presence of plasma energy. They call it Adrastea .

A fleet of harvesting ships reaches the planet. The prospects and armored guards land on the surface and approach the signature of one of the thousands of energy sources [see environment]. As a scientist touches it, a handful of devices materialize in mid air and fall to the ground. They are all real-size prototypes of the scientist's concepts. It is not long since humans realize they have found not just a new energy source but a mind projecting device of unlimited potential. The “shrooms” can alter reality in a small area around them when joined with an active mind.

Soon missions of human scientists arrive at Adrastea. New devices, vehicles and ships are thought into existence by the Meditators, the cream of Earth's science and intellect.

And for a while, humanity prospers.

Until, the first thought of taking away what was lavishly given is formed. Meditators start to project shroom extraction ships using the network itself. The shroom-like crystallic formations react instantly, growing their sharp trails out of the ground and decapitate several Meditator groups across Adrastea. The few who survive, run back to the ships. Among the dead is the chief of the guards. The "shroom" nearby slowly crawls its trails over her body and pulls her inside its glowing core.

Adrastea personnel is forced to realize they are not alone out there. The shrooms are interconnected nodes of a network that wraps around the whole planet. In a moment of utter despair and bodycount, their ship windows become overflowing with light, followed by a big bang. Looking out of the huge windows and as the light starts to calm, they witness their big sister ship falling down to pieces.

The chief commander does not hesitate to give the order for nuking Adrastea. Suddenly, before he is able to say a word, something smashes right in front of his cockpit. As the dust fades, a human-like figure comes into sight. It is the beheaded armored guard commander’s body with a black razor-sharp mass supplementing her skin and the missing head. This is the first documented appearance of TRI, harbinger of death to all threat to Adrastea.

And the beginning of the first intergalactic war of mankind.

a collaboration with my soulmate :iconalbino-z:

most fun collab ever
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It's pretty obvious which hand is the fapping hand.
That's a big fap hand
blacklloyd Oct 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
This is incredible, simple one the best concept drawings i have ver seen for a sci fi character. i would to model and sculpt this some time.
Phesant33 Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great story

Amazing! Especially I loved the ring around her head, like Hindu goddess! )
No mams!!!! Wow!
reminds on characters of mister Yasushi Nirasawa
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